Coronavirus: Important information for PFEIFER Group customers, suppliers and other partners

We would like to inform you about important measures and protocols that our group has implemented because of the coronavirus.

The PFEIFER Group takes the outbreak and worldwide spreading of the coronavirus very serious and has therefore set up a task force early on. The protection and health of our employees, customers, suppliers and other partners (stakeholders) is our highest priority. At the same time, we intend to continue to make our services available in the best possible way and to be there for you as the reliable partner that you are used to.

Fortunately, none of our group team members worldwide has been diagnosed with COVID-19 as of yet. Officers and employees who have been to risk areas within the past 14 days or have had contact with COVID-19 infected persons (and are therefore classified as “risk persons”) are working from home or on paid leave of absence.

Our task force members are closely coordinated and in regular contact with the local health authorities. We are carefully monitoring the global situ¬ation in order to be able to react appropriately to the latest developments. In addition, we are using our best efforts to continue to provide you with our products and services.

Due to the massive effects of the coronavirus, however, impairments in our business may no longer be avoidable. We therefore ask all our stake-holders for their understanding. All measures and protocols serve your protection as well as the protection of your fellow men.

Precautionary measures

A broad range of measures and protocols have been developed to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and to provide the best possible protection for all. These include:

  • Setting up a task force immediately after the coronavirus outbreak in China
  • Developing of a three-stage Crisis Intervention Plan
  • Step-by-step restrictions on travelling into to risk areas, taking into account the guidance of government authorities
  • Implementing additional rules of hygiene and other prevention measures and enforcement of same
  • Providing safety lessons to raise employee awareness
  • Providing additional dispensers with disinfection lotion and hire additional hygiene personnel 
  • Disinfecting common contact surfaces such as door handles, handrails and light switches several times a day
  • Enforcing strict screening protocols regarding the access to compa-ny facilities
  • Allow working remotely from home office and paid leave for risk persons
  • Reducing meetings and business trips to a minimum
  • Increasing the use of digital technology for communication and meetings
  • Spacing out working groups with similar activities to avoid close contacts
  • Cancelling and postponing events and seminars
  • Shutting down of the company cafeteria

Possible supply chain disruption

Because of restrictions to the international flow of goods, there may be delays in the delivery of certain products or services. Accordingly, in some cases, we may have to rely on alternative sources of supply, which may result in changes to our terms. We are also trying to restructure our business in a manner that our risk of shut down – if a PFEIFER team member would get infected – is as low as possible. Should our terms change despite these efforts, we will work closely with our partners to find viable solutions.

General information from the responsible authorities

Further information and a list of current risk areas can be found on the websites of the Robert Koch Institute and the WWorld Health Organization (WHO).

Our wish

The speed at which the coronavirus is currently spreading is enormous. Let us take maximum precautions to reduce the risk of infection! And, finally, please keep us informed about new developments and insights regarding your business.

Please stay healthy!

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